Cliff Diving Hamburg - Training

Cliff diving is pure acrobatics. In a mere three seconds, athlets must demonstrate perfect body control. In Hamburg you can watch divers practice. The suspense is mounting!

Ten to 15 years' technical training, self-confidence, concentration, and absolute body control are prerequisites to the athletes' daring dives. It is their training that allows them to decide on an impulse, based on a combination of sight, intuition, time remaining, and experience. And all of this at a dizzying height, with only three seconds to go, and at a speed of more than 60 miles an hour. Hawaii, incidentally, is considered the cradle of cliff diving. The first competitions were held as early as the 18th century. Kahekili, the last independent King of Maui, was renowned for "Lele Kawa": "diving off a cliff into the water, feet first, without splashing."

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