Cliff Diving Turkey - Event

The bleachers are located on the cliffs of Antalya's Atatürk Park. A crowd of 40,000 cheer the High Divers at the fourth stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving Series zu. Artem Silchenko leaps to the pedestal.

Twenty-five-year-old Russian Artem Silchenko has made it, leaping onto the winners' pedestal ahead of permanent tour winner Orlando Duque of Columbia. „Yesterday's practice has given me a lot of self-confidence, and I figured I had a small chance of winning. I was off to a good start and ahead by a few points after the second round. I was extremely nervous before the third dive, still I pulled it off all right, and now I'm just happy." Finishing 31.95 points ahead of second-place Duque, the Russian provided final proof of his talent; he had done so for the first time in 2006, when he surprisingly won the world championship.

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