Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc - Part 1

The Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc is a challenge in a league of its own. A mountain run whose highest passages extend beyond an altitude of 8,200 feet, where weather conditions can be extremely difficult.

Each participant has prepared optimally for months. Some 1,300 volunteers will experience the adventure along with the runners, supporting them both psychologically and physically. It will be an exceptional event. At 6:30 p.m., the race is on. In moonlight, the runners cross the Bonhomme Pass. At sunrise, La Seigne Pass is next, then Italy's Val Veni awaits the exhausted athlets. This is as far down as the Mont Blanc's glaciers extend. On they dash through Val Ferret, sneaking a peek of La Dent du Géant and Les Grades Jorasses. This is where the runners cross into Switzerland. Finally, they pass through Bovine and Les Tsepes to reach their destination in downtown Chamonix...


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