Kilian's Quest - Episode 1

Kilian has been a trail running phenomenon for quite a while. But will he managed the "vertical kilometer"? In La Fully he wants to run from an altitude of 1,640 feet to 4,921 feet - in record time.

3,281 feet - from an altitude of 1,640 feet to 4,921 feet -, that's what was supposed to be on Kilian Jornet's plate during the first leg of Kilian's Quest. But the challenge is canceled because Jornet is not yet in shape after too short a recuperation period in the wake of the winter season. But Kilian knows when it's time to slow down and listen to his body. Even when this means accepting a setback in the pursuit of the project of his dreams. "Trail running gives you a feeling of absolute freedom. I can push my personal limits," explains the 21-year-old to describe the fascination of trail running. "I was born in the mountains and lived there for such a long time - I simply need them to stay alive."

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