Kilian's Quest - Episode 2

Aching legs, lack of sleep, and muggy heat. The notorious GR20 is a mountain trail crossing almost the entire French Mediterranean island of Corsica - 124 miles and 41,995 feet in total.

The highest point is at 7,300 feet, and the distance is 1d24 miles. The trail winds its way up a total of 41,995 feet. And Kilian Jornet pulls off the impossible, with a smile on his face. It took him 32 hours and 54 minutes to cross the island - a new record. Kilian views the mountains with fear and amazement. Maybe this is what really drives his athletic ambition. Kilian Jornet usually runs using a SLab2 XT Wings. Protective toe and heel sections, water-repellent upper materials and the Salomon-exclusive shock absorption system ACS helps effectively compensate for a lack of balance in the trail runners' musculoskeletal system.

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