Kilian's Quest - Episode 3

Hunger is a constant companion. As Kilian runs across the island of Corsica, he must keep his metabolism powered. Cookies, power gels, pasta, and sugar-containing beverages do the trick.

Kilian Jornet is not an unknown on the trail running scene. A youth world champion and a European champion in mountain running, he is a mere 21 years old. The secret explaining his success? Probably it is his penchant for breaking records. Last year in August, he startled the athletic community with his performance at the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. He won the gigantic race - 103 miles and a difference in altitude of 30997 feet in total - by clocking in at the sensational time of 20:56:59. Almost an hour later, after a running time of 21:56:52 hours, Dawa Sherpa finished second.

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