Kilian's Quest - Episode 4

Kilian's trail running style is what it takes to shatter records. It requires absolute professionalism and stamina. In spite of aching legs and torrid heat, he must keep on giving it his best shot...

For Kilian Jornet, there is no life without mountains. He was four years old when he scaled his first peak taller than 3000 meters, the tallest summit of the Pyrenees, Pico de Aneto (11,168 feet). At the age of 17 he was youth world champion in mountain running, one year later, in 2005, youth European champion. In 2007, he walked away with the overall victory at the Buff Sky Runner World Series. This year he became European mountain running champion. 2009 is also when his most ambitious project to date kicked off: Kilian's Quest, an attempt to break the records set for world-famous trails all around the globe. He made good on his promise at the GR20. It took him 32 h:54:24 to cover a difference in altitude of 41,995 feet and a distance of 118 miles. He topped the old record by four hours.

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