Rock Stars 1 - Winter

No European mountainbiking movie has ever made it this far. Celebrated on the 2004 Banff World Tour as the audience's favorite movie, this film enthused half a million people in 100 countries that shared Leo's adventure: Rock Stars - One Steep Planet in Winter.

Rock Stars, One Steep Planet, is the scene's first film that was listed as one of the Banff Mountain Festival's top movies: a mountainbike flick that became an audience favorite. We see Leo Paredez's crew of riders in winter - in Gstaad and Saanenmöser, in Lax and on Klausen Pass. Critics agree: „Cool locations, presents not just biking scenes but also small forays into other extreme sports. Diverse, great action, very inspiring." And: "The most colorful European mountainbiking and freeriding movie, one hour of breathtaking action, a throbbing soundtrack, and a style never seen before!"

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