Grit Kids - Teaser

They are young, fearless, and endowed with incredible maximum strength. Kathy (19) and Pete (17) Whittaker sweat and toil along the toughest trad routes. Their absolute highlight: Climbing an E9 for the first time.

"Grit Kids" shows climbing at its most brilliant. Very British and absolutely exciting. "Grit Kids" follows siblings Pete (17) and Kathy (19) Whittaker to their home turf of Gritstone. In addition to the two each wunderkind's outstanding climbing skills, you will find lots of excitement and suspense. Kathys nervous cackle after the Crux and way above the last safety bolt contrasts with Pete's tension at the mantel crux (E9), also high above the last safety bolt. Kathy's and Pete's parens also take the floor and explain how they handle their children's constantly courting danger. Pete climbing the "Dynamics of Change,", E9, for the first time is the absolute highlight.

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