Deuter: Quality and Innovation

Deuter backpacks combine outstanding comfort and quality for every outdoor experience. The company produces backpacks for more than 110 years and is now one of the leading manufacturers world wide.

The Deuter company was founded by Hans Deuter in 1898, making it one of the oldest backpack manufacturers in the world. One of Deuter’s secrets to success is its close cooperation with professional athletes, not only in practice, but also in development. Mountain bikers, climbers and mountain athletes collaborate on new products for men AND for women. Athletes like Anderl Heckmeier and Hermann Buhl were only two of them. Today Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner and Andreas Heckmeier support the team with their experience.
In Germany, it’s no longer possible to produce labour-intensive, high-quality sewn goods at competitive prices. This is why Deuter moved its backpack production to Asia several years ago to Saigon in Vietnam.

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