Lance McDermott Movie

Lance McDermott gets right with it. The boy has been shaking up the MTB slope style and dirt scene for the last two years. His trick repertoire is formidable and includes a front flip both legendary and ominous.

In the spring of 2006, Lance was the first to do a spotless front flip on a 26-inch bike. He repeated this feat many times at contests in Leogang, Saalbach, and Nuremberg, which earned him instant fame. But his bag of tricks is not limited to the ominous front flip, which he terms "not that difficult but quite scary," using typically British understatement, because he cannot see where he will land for quite a long time. In Saalback, Lance pulled off clean flairs in the quarter-pipe, and in Nuremberg he surprised the audience with a few really old-school hand plant varieties on the street. McDermott's BMX background can definitely not be denied.

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